Fundraising Information

Mount Laurel FOP Lodge 191 does not solicit for funds by telephone at any time. If you recieve a telephone call claiming that they are soliciting for the local FOP Lodge in Mount Laurel you should obtain whatever information that you can from the caller i.e. name, name of organization, address, phone number, etc. and then contact the Mount Laurel Police Department at 856-234-1414.

The Mount Laurel FOP Lodge 191 does solicit for funds through a direct mail campaign which is presently in progress. Donations are sent to:

Mount Laurel FOP Lodge 191, P.O. Box 132, Mount Laurel NJ 08054.

Should you have questions about any telephone solicitation you may contact the following:

Mount Laurel Twp Police Community Policing Bureau at 856-234-1414 ext 532.

Burlignton County Office of Consumer Affairs at 609-265-5098

NJ Office of Charities Registration:

How do I reach the Charitable Registration Section?
The mailing address is Charities Registration, PO Box 45021, Newark, NJ 07101; Telephone is 973-504-6215; The e-mail address is

NJ Charitible Organization Database:

Mount Laurel FOP Fundraising Report:

FOP #191 MT LAUREL Income Expenses
PO BOX 132, MOUNT LAUREL NJ, 08054-0132
Phone: 856-234-1414
Direct Public Contributions: $7,100.00 Program Expenses: $4,000.00
Indirect Public Contributions: 0.00 Management Expenses: $2,500.00
Government Grants: 0.00 Fund Raising:
Program Service Revenue: 0.00 Payments to Affiliates:
Other Support: 0.00 Total Expenses: $6,500.00
Total Revenue: $7,100.00

Registration Number: CH2750800 Report in File: 09/30/05